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Need someone to help with the code of a game

2007-10-21 15:38:32 by mesanaw

I need a person with advance flash experience to help me with the code of a game I made. Basically this game has a bunch of different colored circles(buttons) and the object is to hit the right color button and get a certain score in a certain amount of time. The twist is that some of the correct color buttons will change the layout of the dots and the color that you should be getting. That is hard to explain the picture should help explain the first bit. I alreadly did the code for the timer and about half the code for the score counter but I need someone to make some code so that the button that the user presses will move off the screen(right now you can keep clicking the exact same button until you get the desired score. Please send me a message if you would like to help with the code and I'll get back to you. Thanks
The picture is skewed due to pixels idk but it looks much more organised then that.

Need someone to help with the code of a game


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2007-10-21 16:02:29

I'm not sure. But might be able to help you. He/she does lots of games involving buttons. Or, if you've got all the time in the world, use gotoAndStop(framenumber); s!! :P


2007-10-25 21:52:52

Could you try and explain that in easier terms? From what I gather you want a button that adds points, but moves off to the side? Am I correct?


2007-12-11 20:47:10

I am very good at AS. If you need it to be were if you roll over the button, it changes color. just make a button & edit it, and make the rollover red or whatever. i use flash 8, so it might not be the same. PM me